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Mario Testino Shoots Anna Wintour for WSJ; Tyra Banks Gets Into Fa-Fa-Fa-Fashion

Anna Wintour Covers WSJYour supreme leader, Anna Wintour, got in front of Mario Testino‘s camera to take a picture for the cover of WSJ Magazine. Shot in profile, Wintour wears her signature look of sunglasses and bemusement. The glossy’s April 2011 issue will feature a rare profile of the feared and mighty editrix, focusing on the reach of Wintour’s influence. Mentioning Fashion’s Night Out, Deborah Needleman, the Editor-In-Chief of WSJ Magazine and former editor of Domino, reminds us that Wintour “basically created a holiday from scratch. Who else has the power to take New York and create a holiday?” Woah, good point, but could Wintour please use some of that power to help fix the public school system, bring down the cost of fresh fruit and veggies, find funding for libraries, and reverse the MTA fare hikes? If you did that for us, dear Anna, we’d make every day a holiday devoted to you. [Racked]

Bagsnob points out that Rihanna‘s taste in toned-down, classic bags is pretty amazing considering her flamboyant, over-the-top style. The popstar’s latest choice of traditional handbag? The Prada Natural City calf bag, a buttery handbag with a clean design but tons of thoughtful detailing, and I’ve got to admit, I’m hooked. [BagSnob]

Karolina Kurkova flies with the birds for Bottega Veneta’s Spring 2011 ad campaign. [MillionLooks]

Paulo Martinez shot Lea T for the cover of ffw Mag. Wearing a cream colored accordian dress and a fur shrug, Lea T looks elegant and stunning, but her impossibly long fingers point to her crotch and the cover line placed directly across her ribcage reads “TRANSREAL.” I get that Lea T’s transexuality is part of her appeal, but could we please talk about something else? [DesignScene]

So, another powerful fashion lady has been doing her part to change the world. For her new website, TypeF, Tyra Banks shot the premiere of her new web series, Fa-Fa-Fa Fashion, to help you take your trenchcoat from “blah” to “rrrrrr.” I’d watch Tyra take a nap in front of a video camera, so when I say I LOVED this clip, take that with a grain of salt. Co-starring Andre Leon Talley, the Wintour-Banks missing link, the video urges you to add a cinched belt and statement necklace to your trench to get a little “fierce” factor and turn the jacket into “fa-fa-fa-fashion,” but most of the video actually consists of Tyra skipping about the set, yelling the word “TRENCH!” at the top of her lungs, and faux-flashing Talley. Anyone that’s sat through a season of ANTM (or, in my case, all fifteen) knows pretty well that Tyra’s not the best person to dole out fashion advice, but I have to admit that she looks super-cute in this video. Clip below.