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Katy Perry’s Alien Abduction; Sigerson Morrison Loses Its Founders

Katy Perry Alien BehaviorKaty Perry's been posting photo stills from the shoot of her new music video, E.T. to her Facebook page, and her beauty look is out of this world. Perry's dramatic extraterrestrial look is all about ethereal neon and over-the-top styling. "…∆ΓΞ Y☼U ΓΞ∆DY F☼Γ ∆BDUC┼|☼N?" Perry asks her fans. The endlessly long talon nails and creepy-goes-chic aesthetic are, to put it kindly, influenced by Lady Gaga's avant-pop chic (less generously, one might call the whole shebang a Gaga rip-off). But Perry's asking her fans to be more than just Little Monsters: after uploading a couple of how-to videos, Perry's been asking her fans to recreate her alien look and post the photo evidence to her Facebook page. That may not be the best use of your time, but it's certainly not the worst. [FabSugar UK]

The founders of Sigerson Morrison are leaving the company they started in 1991. No word as to why the renowned footwear designers are leaving their eponymous brand, but we'll be watching their next moves very carefully. [WWD]

Rethinking my wardrobe for the changing seasons has always been one of the biggest sources of anxiety in my life (it's possible that I have a pretty cush life), and as Spring approaches, I've been haunting the internet in search of a few great pieces to give my closet a little love. Finding cute, good quality, affordable clothing is much, much harder than it should be, which is why this list of today's online sample sales basically made me squeal. Shop wisely! [StyleBakery]

In the wake of his snowballing sexual harassment scandals, Dov Charney has business on his mind. The American Apparel CEO purchased an additional $6 million in shares of his company. The capital will provide the ailing retailer with a much-needed boost. [Styleite]