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Typical summer shades seemed far from the minds of numerous designers at the beginning of fashion week.

That was, of course, until Frida Giannini injected some unbridled life into the proceedings.

At Gucci, bold stripes and elaborate florals were found on ultra-slim pants and variegated styles of that true Gucci-jacket which now seems ubiquitous.

Giannini aimed to convey ‘youth and luxury’ – which also meant soundtracking the show with indie-favorite ‘Time to Pretend’ by MGMT.

Not only is Giannini reminding us of the archetypal Gucci aesthetic, she is also making clear her distinct lack of vision for the development of this line.

With Prada’s menswear offering, Miuccia Prada has shown she’s not quite finished with her gender-meddling designs, although this season it was admittedly more subtle.

Opening with outerwear consisting of attached straps that resembled elements of womens’ lingerie, the show subsequently seemed bland.

The quiet androgyny theme arose again with entirely unwearable monstrosities such as polo-dresses.

The only redeeming facet of this collection was the latex outerwear. It remains to be seen when the revered Miuccia will cease torturing men.


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