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‘Tie the Knot’ with Ted Baker

By Izzy Ruiz for The Cannon Media Group

‘Tie the Knot’ with Ted Baker

With wedding season in full swing, each invitation comes with a bit of excitement. See, I love weddings – the romance, the 80s music, the dessert table, and all of that in your best dressed. And if you’re invited to be in the wedding party, toss in limo rides and free flowing champagne. But behind all the flowers and chocolate fountains simmers that nerve-wracking question – what are you going to wear? For the happy couple, that answer can mean years of worn page corners, happily flipping through their wedding album. It can also mean dusting it off once a year, only to put it back on the shelf… in the back of the closet. 

To the rescue is fellow romantic, Ray Kelvin, Founder & CEO of English fashion and lifestyle brand, Ted Baker. Whether you’re the bride, the best man or stuck passing out the programs, Ray and his band of merry dreamweavers have conjured up a darling service called Tie the Knot. Select stores in the US, Canada and the UK will offer their versed style experts to walk you through Ted’s elegant suit collection, and resplendent formal dresses and accessories. While delighting in this complimentary service, Tie the Knot will also indulge you with bubbly refreshments and charming gifts including discounts on group purchases for your entire wedding party. 

We had the pleasure of chatting with Ray Kelvin to learn more about Tie the Knot and what makes his heart pitter-patter.

theFashionSpot: Why do you love weddings? Are you a crier like I am? 

Ray Kelvin: As far back as I can remember, I have been a hopeless romantic. I draw much of my inspiration from love, lust and beauty – all key ingredients to a timeless romance and a fun wedding. And of course, I certainly have a party spirit. A crier? No, but I can be a sappy ol’ chap at times.

tFS: How do you describe romance? If you had to plan a romantic date, what would it be?

RK: Romance is such a personal and individual thing – we all know what gets us going and it’s up to our partner to recognize these things. This understanding, I believe, makes the perfect match. As for a romantic date? I fancy myself a waterman – I love to fly fish and the serenity of being on a quiet lake. I think my leading lady might enjoy a nice lakeside picnic paired with a romantic cruise on the water. Nothing fancy, maybe just a small rowboat fit for two.

‘Tie the Knot’ with Ted Baker

tFS: What is your favorite season to marry and best color for a wedding?

RK: I’d say that it’s less about one color, and more about MANY colors. As you can tell from my collections – I love prints. They are a wonderful way to create a non-traditional wedding look. I enjoy the great outdoors, so a spring wedding would be ideal.

tFS: What would the Ted Baker customer wear as a guest or as the betrothed?

RK: Of course, I’d be decked out in my favorite Ted Baker London suit – we have beautiful suits made of Italian wool and also some made from durable and resilient fabrics. I would, of course, adorn myself with a smart bowtie, pocket square, and I like to throw in some fun socks for good measure and a nice chuckle.

tFS: Why Tie the Knot with Ted?

RK: I’ve put together the best assortment of colors, prints and silhouettes that would fit any bridesmaid or groomsman, partnered with my wide array of available accessories. If you Tie the Knot with me, you’re guaranteed a one-stop-shop for all your wedding party’s needs. We’ve even taken on some of the work by including special gifts for your entire wedding party.

For further information and some peace of mind email MiMi Levine at [email protected]