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Ter et Bantine, by Manuela Arcari, presents a collection based and inspired by the technique of construction directly on the mannequin; The Moulage.

This Spring Summer 2009 is feminine and minimal, enhacing the figure with pleats, draped bows and gathering; giving a feeling of fluidity and freedom. 

The focus is on the fabrics as silk, jersey and linen that create a different effect in every way they are used.

Soft dresses with different cuts embrace the body in a very light way, playing with pleats and different neck styles. The proportions of the trousers gives a special look to the silhouette. 

Overalls of a plain colour give us the feeling of two pieces sewed together, blouse and trousers, dress and trousers depending on the height of the inseam. Also the presence of flowy capes on the back of the blouses reinforces this airy and natural atmosphere, where the simplicity is looked at from many perspectives and becomes complex. 

The palette of colours are black, ebony, some white with strong splashes in pink, orange and violet in plain tones and almost no prints.  

The Ter Et Bantine collection continued with constructed dresses, a clean cut and simple style, this time with less reinforcements and more freedom. 


All images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.