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I arrived in Paris for Fashion Week and almost immediately made my way to the Palais de Tokyo where the Dutch lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers was showcasing her Spring 2009 collection.

Launching in the United States this fall, this season not only marked Marlies Dekkers’ first Paris Fashion Week show, but also her line’s 15th anniversary.

Start to finish, the runway show was pure excitement.

From the front row which was chock-full of celebs – Usher, Kelly Rowland, Mischa Barton, Jessica Stam, Solange Knowles, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Ne-Yo, who arrived a mere minute before the show (with an entourage, of course), to the well dressed crowd and the beautiful space which did a magnificent job with its greenery, elaborate stage that included two staircases meeting by an arch painted with black stencils, and bird noises that were intermittently heard, tying into the “True Love Story” theme of the show.

The excitement continued with the collection which featured 74 looks separated into three distinctive parts within the show – White (for love), Red (for passion), and Black (for eroticism).

Decadent amounts of fringe, rhinestones, and ruffles adorned the bras, thongs, shorts, chemises, and dresses that the models wore as they strutted down the runway.

The energy was fantastic and you could tell by the smiles and their attitude that the models were having fun as they made their way down and around the U-shaped runway in their elaborate and wonderfully ornate lingerie looks.

Stand-outs of the collection revolved not so much around the lingerie itself, but around the presentation – think models swinging on flower-detailed swings, models walking-out with huge hoop skirts or horse silhouettes coming-out of their backs, love letters tied-up and dangling from hoods…

The Spring 2009 Marlies Dekkers show epitomized what makes Paris Fashion Week unlike any other – it’s not only about the fashion – it’s about the excitement. 

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.