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From having gone backstage beforehand and spoken to both Guido Palau who was heading the hair team and Francois Nars who was charged with creating the makeup looks, I knew that this season Marc Jacobs collection was going to be heavily influenced by 80’s nightclubs, Stephen Sprouse, and Debbie Harry. That said, I was still surprised to what extent the designer opted for vibrant neons and eighties signatures.

There were a number of trends we’ve been seeing at other shows prominently on display including cut-out shapes, stud-accents, cozy cape coats, military-shapes, and over-sized shoulders (monstrously larger than what has been on display anywhere else), and though it was the neon looks that stood-out most, there were a number of silver and black pieces (cardigans, A-line dresses, clean trousers), with lean silhouettes to counter-balance them.

Sure there was a nostalgic feeling to the collection, perhaps of Marc Jacobs’ own club days, but to a slew of younglings who were babies in the 80’s, many of the brightly hugely-oversized shoulder pieces will surely seem fresh and vibrant – and wearable once the shoulders are taken in a bit.

I applaud Marc Jacobs for having fun with fashion and scaling back his actual show to deliver the most stunning looks possible. This was the first show where it can truly be said that the models – each of which had hair and makeup that were wholly unique for a total of 60 different hair and makeup looks – were more compelling than any band or other form of entertainment accoutrement could have possibly been.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.