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Women’s ready-to-wear label, FORM, will be exhibiting their entire Spring/Summer 2009 collection at EVA Boutique starting April 7th, 2009. FORM is among the local brands that will create a fashion installation at the new 2,400 square foot two-level store.

Owner Stephanie Pappas – who has run EVA for the past 8 years including at its previous location on Mulberry Street – said that she is seeking to “create an environment ripe with distinctiveness, sophistication, and expression. The new store is reconceptualizing its aesthetic vision with a continuation of its firm belief in establishing a space dedicated to facilitating up-and-coming innovative designers.”

This store is an interactive experience that relates closely to the history of what the Bowery once was – evoking the raw flavors once associated with the neighborhood. There will be constant art installations involving mixed media artists from various mediums (photography, performance art, sculpture), whose work will encompass the space and tie into various clothing lines/themes that will be offered. But the interior space will still keep to its minimalistic decor and not elaborate too much on its interior design. The focus, we are told, will remain primarily on the collections.

FORM’s fashion installation at EVA will showcase their vision for inventive design. Each original design embraces a sensical combination of form and function through the inspiration of art, architecture, and nature.