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When it comes to men’s suits and women’s blazers and draped trousers, nothing can beat Giorgio Armani (although Hugo Boss is a close second). I’ve never been a big fan of Armani’s dresses and similarly, his shoes, handbags, and other accessories have never appealed to me, especially given their hefty price tags. This season, however, Armani took a more light-hearted and fun approach to his collection. It seems that in response to the dire economy, unlike in seasons past where designers have opted to play it safe, we have designers going for big, bold, and fun looks – most often with plenty of color and sequins.


Of course Armani delivered those light, flowing trousers – cuffed and hitting just about ankle-length – that his fans always look to him for, and his signature expertly tailored blazer.  Particularly noteworthy were the first two looks that featured a houndstooth blazer and a metallic blue one with a houndstooth lapel and angular shoulders – both of which were flawless. Amidst the classic Armani, there was an abundance of short, slightly balloon-like (in varying degrees) dresses and skirts. Some looks were finished with delicate pleats, high slits, contrasting metallic colors, and pockets.

Overall the collection had a welcome freshness to it, but with an edgy femininity that I have a feeling will attract some new customer to Armani.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.