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While seeing runway shows from the likes of Gareth Pugh and Rick Owens – two designers who masterfully weave art, theatrics, and fashion – is nothing short of thrilling, nothing can quite compare to seeing the pieces from the likes of John Galliano’s, whose flare at the house of Christian Dior is unrivaled (except, perhaps, by Alexander McQueen).


The models walked the runway with Veronica Lake-esque sexy curls and deep orange and crimson lips – a wonderful complement to the flared, wrapped, slashes, and modeled silhouettes shown.

Galliano was inspired by forties film noir, and that theme came through loud and clear. The designer is best known for his dramatics, and there were some dramatic moments, as with a short, semi-sheer, lingerie-inspired black mini dress with ruffles and a faux built-in bra (a recurring theme throughout the show that was shown in a variety of iterations).  There were plenty of dresses, pants, and separates that the conservative as well as the daring fashionista would love to – and could – easily wear


The only real blip in the show came when the slew of evening gowns took the stage.

While there were some beautiful pieces – a white bustier top piece with a pastel green chiffon embroidered bottom, for example – for the most part the lingerie theme was taken to too much of an extreme with an overkill of chiffon and clashing colors.

That said, they made for a great show and I’m sure they will be modified into something exceedingly more wearable once they hit stores.