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Alber Elbaz is one of the industry’s most fascinating designers. He has a unique knack for making clothing pieces that are simple and feminine, yet have an underlying sexiness and undeniable complexity to them.  The only place Lanvin can improve these days is with their handbags, with the exception of their clutches (I am obsessed with the label’s Happy Quilted clutch from the current season).


The Spring/Summer 2010 show began with three gorgeously sculpted monochromatic dresses, iterations of which popped-up again later in the show.

Their sculpted nature and hyper-fittedness were almost reminiscent of some of the RM by Roland Mouret dresses that have become so popular these last few seasons.

It’s really the details in Elbaz’s work that do all the talking, which is why even his monochromatic looks make bold statements.  There are no distraction you can purely focus on the intricacy of the hand it took to piece together these exquisite looks, which I always find more interesting then an overload of frills.


That said, for the second half of the show Elbaz took a dramtic turn and showed deep mixes of color, plenty of drapes, pleats, and embroidery galore – all of which came complete with contrasting-colored pointy shoes.

While those looks were of course wonderfully exciting to look at, I still can’t help but be more impressed with the classic Albert Elbaz-designed Lanvin that opened his show.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.