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Marithé + Francois Girbaud delivered a fun twist on streetwear cuts at La Halle Freyssinet this week. Fashion does not have to be serious (Yes, models were smiling. And yes, they were dancing to the whimsical music) to be meaningful.


Marithé+François Girbaud proposed playful and relaxed looks that bent the rules of conventional jackets, men’s tailored pants or shirts. Several jackets and shirts, while more sober in the front, surprised us with beautiful details in the back.


A variation of ties as laces, braids, cords, and loops was delightfully explored … appearing as closures on jackets or shirt sleeves, details on jeans, or accessories as belts. The shades were the always-popular black, white, navy, grey, and blue.


The result is a casual yet sophisticated collection with a lot desirable pieces.


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.