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21 Questions with…Today Show Fashion Expert Bobbie Thomas

Actress Alyssa Milano hosted the national launch event for new premium still water brand resource Natural Spring Water

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We asked author and Today Show contributor Bobbie Thomas, who recently teamed up with the newly launched resource Natural Spring Water, our 21 questions.

  1. When I get dressed in the morning…I think about The Power of Style, where write I about how the adjectives "Striking, Chic and Inviting" to help me figure out what I want to wear. 

  2. I would never leave my home without…a hair clip and a bottle of water. 

  3. The item of clothing I currently wear the most…my white Siwy Hannah jeans and Tkees flip flops.

  4. My biggest style pet peeve…are logos.

  5. My biggest beauty pet peeve is…too much perfume.

  6. People would be surprised to learn…that I am a huge sci-fi geek, a Battlestar Gallactica fan and Game of Thrones addict.

  7. When I'm looking to de-stress I…get an extended mani/pedi/massage or snuggle up with my pup and watch what's on my DVR.

  8. The best part of my wedding day…the moment I stepped back to notice I was surrounded by my favorite people.

  9. If my days had one extra hour I'd…get a lot more emails out!

  10. The last thing I Googled was…how to say the word color in different languages.

  11. I could never travel without…wraps, I consider them my grown-up blankie.

  12. My beauty must-haves include…Glominerals pressed powder (in golden medium) and their pink blossom lip gloss.

  13. The key to looking good on TV is…having confidence to be yourself and have fun.

  14. My favorite up-and-coming designer is…Marissa Web.

  15. My guilty pleasure is…salted chocolate anything.

  16. The best advice I ever got…when you think the grass is greener, it's time to water your own.

  17. On a typical Saturday night…I'm catching up on my favorite TV shows and asleep by 10.

  18. I'm always happy when…I reminisce with friends about past adventures or when we dream out loud about future ones.

  19. No day goes by without…me cursing — "Ugh, sh#*t there goes today!"

  20. Everyone should have these essentials in their closet…solid foundations: skin tone bras, undies, shaper wear, etc.

  21. If I could have dinner with anyone it would be…Rebel Wilson, please call me!!!