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21 Questions with…Wildfox Swim and Intimates Designer Leilani Shimoda

Wildfox Swim Cruise 14 Press 4

We ask Leilanki Shimoda, the designer behind Wildfox's swim and intimates collections, our 21 questions.

  1. When I get dressed in the morning I think… can I please go back to bed?

  2. Leilani Shimoda-Wildfox SwimThe item of clothing I'm currently wearing most is… Wildfox Mr. Whiskers sweater, cat stud earrings, cat eye sunnies…cat everything!

  3. The last thing I Googled was… why is my cat overeating?

  4. If my days had one extra hour I'd… spend it snuggling with my two Scottishfold cats, Shrampton and Bunni.

  5. I knew I was meant to work in fashion because… I wanted to be in a creative industry where I can promote a positive message.

  6. The most memorable piece I ever designed… was my French Flowers ruffle underwire one-piece on supermodel Cintia Dicker.

  7. When I'm looking to get inspired I… like to get out of town and go to flea markets and get into nature, but if I can't get away, I daydream vicariously through my favorite tumblr blogs.

  8. When I'm stressed I… sing really loudly in my car until I crack myself up.

  9. My beauty essentials include… Moroccan Oil for hair, Kiehl's for skin, NARS lipsticks, Laura Mercier eye makeup.

  10. I'd never travel without… extra contacts, multiple bikinis and Smith's Rosebud salve.

  11. The best advice I ever got… the party will always be there…school and work come first.

  12. When hiring someone, the qualities I look for are… passion, dedication, work ethic, respect and initiative.

  13. My fashion pet peeve is… design details that don't function, i.e. sewn-on belt, fake pockets.

  14. On a typical Saturday night… my boyfriend and I will go on a food adventure.

  15. The one electronic I couldn't go a day without is… my iPhone.

  16. If I could have dinner with anyone it would be… Alexa Chung. I just adore her.

  17. I'm dying to splurge on… Charlotte Olympia kitten shoes.

  18. The last book I read was… Grace Coddington's memoir.

  19. The song I'm currently listening to most… More, More, More by Andrea True Connection.

  20. I'm happiest when… my designs make girls happy and feel confident.

  21. My guilty pleasure is… cat shows and Pretty Little Liars.