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21 Questions with… Menswear Designer Michael Bastian

MB PORTRAITS 2013_0013 We ask menswear designer Michael Bastian our 21 questions.

  1. I usually wake up around… 7:30.

  2. When I get dressed in the morning I think… I usually don’t think about dressing— it's more a feeling.

  3. I'd never leave my home without… keys, wallet, phone, e-cigarette, lucky coin.

  4. I couldn't travel without… my little red Casio travel alarm clock.

  5. My go-to travel snack is… corn nuts and granola bars.

  6. The last thing I Googled is… what the letters USB stand for.

  7. If my days had one extra hour… my apartment would be neater.

  8. The item of clothing I'm currently wearing most… our cashmere towel-stripe crew neck sweater in all 3 colors.

  9. My guilty pleasure is… Uber.

  10. I'm dying to splurge on… a Bruce Weber photograph.

  11. My biggest fashion pet peeve is… those awful hidden-platform hightop sneakers that were everywhere this summer.

  12.  My beauty essentials include… Neutrogena pink grapefruit cleanser, Biotherm moisturizer and Crest 3-D white toothpaste— that’s about it.

  13. Someone I've always admired is… Ralph Lauren. 

  14. The best advice I ever received was… wear a pink shirt on days you feel like crap.

  15. The best gift I ever received was… a piece of wood my brother painted and hammered a few nails in when he was 4— it was the first gift he ever gave anyone.

  16. For the holidays this year I plan to… spend it with my family in upstate New York.

  17. My favorite place to shop is… United Arrows in Tokyo.

  18. Every man should own… a tuxedo.

  19. The biggest fashion mistake men make is… trusting the advice and opinions of others too much.

  20. When I'm stressed I… tend to obsess.

  21. What keeps me excited about working in fashion is… just when you think it’s all too much and you’re over it, something beautiful catches your eye and it’s suddenly all new again.