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Meadham Kirchhoff’s Hodgepodged Fall 2014 Collection (Runway Review)


Scene: To go along with the collection's sequin, lace and embroidery, the stage was set with supersized hearts and gold streamers.

The Inspiration: "A little girl who discovers an attic full of raggedy vintage clothes," according to WWD

The Look: Meadham Kirchoff brought London Fashion Week to a close on a heart-stopping high note, at least as far as entertainment value. Filled with metallic prints, veils, 70s style colorblocked velvet dresses, sheer paneled flapper dresses and scaly lace dresses, the collection, as it often does, felt more costume than anything anyone aside from Helena Bonham Carter could effectively pull off. In keeping with their vintage inspiration, looks were a hodgepodge of clashing colors and prints. The designers also showed a variety of silhouettes ranging from the fitted to the oversized and played with proportions — though it resulted, arguably, in a few looks being cut a bit too short and others tailored a bit too wide. You never expect a classic little black dress from Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff, which is precisely what makes their collection so fun to look at, but it's hard not to feel as though most of the collection's looks would end up on worst dresses lists.

The Accessories: Cartoonish shoes ranged from metallic multicolored knee-high boots to super chunky blank ankle strap platforms.

The Beauty: Hair was side parted with brushed out curls, eyes were dotted with a multitude of pastel shades and lips were glossy, but product was only applied to the center.

The Takeaway: Meadham Kirchoff has never been the poster child for commercial appeal and though one has to wonder who is actually buying these clothes, it's brands like this that give London Fashion Week its unique appeal.

images: IMAXtree

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