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Will Twitter Change the Way We Shop?

Model Cara Delevingne for DKNY

Image: Alberto Reyes/

Social networking has never been more exciting. It’s not only revolutionized the way in which we communicate with our friends and families, but also how we communicate with the world as a whole, in the sense of digital marketing and promoting products.

Our favorite channels, such as Instagram or Twitter, have radically transformed the way in which Fashion Week is covered, with photos or tweets being shared as the runways happen. We no longer have to wait in order to see the latest trends, and even design houses are embracing this social shift. More shockingly, perhaps, is the fact that some designers are even changing the way in which their clothes are made, just to accommodate social media.

The latest trend? Twitter is now being used as a medium to directly buy sought-after products, or to simply facilitate the online shopping process. The best example being Marc Jacobs’ wonderful pop-up tweet shop idea, where customers could purchase small accessories and fragrances with social currency–tagging Twitter and Instagram posts with #MJDaisyChain during Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week. This was an innovative idea which we can already see filtering out across other brands’ social strategies.

We’ve all scrolled through Twitter and seen something we wanted to buy, but didn’t have the time right at that moment, and only later remembered to pick it up…after it was sold out. E-commerce giant Amazon may have just come up with an idea that could soon fix that. Amazon is inviting customers to add #amazoncart in the U.S. or #amazonbasket in the U.K. in their replies to tweets containing product links, which will add the product directly into their Amazon accounts, ready to purchase later. It's the easiest way to make a wishlist, wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s hope that some of our favorite fashion retailers are quick to adopt Amazon’s idea. Just when you thought it’d never be possible to speed up the sale of products succumbing to the Kate Middleton effect, right?