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10 Ads and Magazine Covers That Are Photoshop-Free and Still #Flawless

These days, it’s safe to assume that the images you see in magazines and advertisements have been tinkered with in Photoshop. Although sometimes the airbrushing you see is quite blatant (no pores, hacked-off limbs, wax-doll face), sometimes it’s more subtle, with the intention of beautifying and enhancing an image without altering it beyond recognition. Some brands and publications are fighting against the rampant over-retouching by photographing subjects au naturel. 

It’s always a welcome departure from the norm to see an unairbrushed image. Sadly, it is not as common as it should be. We wanted to show a little love to some of our favorite ad campaigns and magazine covers that were left untouched by Photoshop. Click through for 10 of the best unretouched images in media.

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