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One Minute With … Newly-Minted Wilhelmina Model Nick Jonas

Image: WireImage/Getty Images

Image: WireImage/Getty Images

Meet Wilhelmina Models’ newest face, Nick Jonas. The former teen heartthrob has come a long way from his Jonas Brothers days. Back then, he was a cute kid, today he’s a bona fide hottie with a rockin’ bod. It’s no wonder Wilhelmina scooped up the handsome singer — and it couldn’t come at a better time. He’s got a new album coming out infused with a sultry R&B vibe that’s poised to turn him from teenybopper into a sex symbol. Tonight, his new single “Jealous” gets its late night debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and the video for the tune is supposed to drop September 16. 

Nick was on hand last night for Wilhelmina’s Fashion Week party, feting him as its latest addition and the company’s NASDAQ listing. We chatted with the singer before he hit the stage for a performance at the event. 

theFashionSpot: How does it feel to be a Wilhelmina model?

Nick Jonas: It feels bizarre. I never thought that I’d actually be a Wilhelmina model!

tFS: Well, you’ve got the face for it.

NJ: Thank you! It’s kind of bizarre, but it feels good. It’s a great way to expand my brand and my whole thing, and continue to evolve and grow. I see it as one more outlet to be creative.

tFS: So, your brother Joe is all over Fashion Week. He clearly loves fashion — do you ever borrow his clothes?

NJ: No, I don’t, but we do work with some of the same people in the styling department, but I’ve got my own stylist who’s hooked me up with some stuff I’m really liking. Public School, Richard Chai, Todd Snyder.

tFS: Good taste. 

NJ: I’m trying!

tFS: So, you did a little strip tease at a gay club the other night…

NJ: We were just talking about it! It was a pretty fun night! With this next chapter, I really want to make an effort to embrace my gay fans. I want to bring them in on this exciting period in my life. I love my gay friends and my gay fans, and it was just so much fun to be with them and party with them last night.

tFS: What are your post Fashion Week plans?

NJ: I just put out my new single two days ago.

tFS: You’re doing more of an R&B vibe this time.

NJ: Yeah, it’s a soul/R&B/pop thing. I got that and the video comes out on Tuesday of next week, and then a TV show I just finished called Kingdom comes out October 8.

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