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One Minute With … Alan Eckstein of Timo Weiland

Donna Kang, Alan Eckstein, Timo Weiland; Image: Getty

Donna Kang, Alan Eckstein, Timo Weiland; Image: Getty

On Wednesday, Men’s Day jump-started New York Fashion Week early with 12 presentations held at Industria Superstudio downtown. During Timo Weiland Men’s Fall 2015 showing, we caught up with co-designer Alan Eckstein, one-third of the Timo Weiland trio.

theFashionSpot: How are you holding up?

Alan Eckstein: Honestly, it’s been rough. We have our men’s show on Wednesday and our women’s show on Thursday. It’s a lot, but it’s awesome. This is my favorite time of year. I love fall fashion for men.

tFS: Will you be showing at the launch of New York Fashion Week: Men’s in July?

AE: Yes! I’ve been waiting for this. Men’s is being taken seriously in New York now.

tFS: What’s the inspiration for the collection?

AE: My favorite photography book is The Americans by Robert Frank. It’s about traveling around America. The Beat Generation is a cool time. There are definitely 50s references in the collection. The flat-brim hats are very William Burroughs. It’s a friendly collection. 

tFS: What Beat writer do you identify most with?

AE: Allen Ginsberg is a voice of a generation. He was a genius. 

tFS: You talked about traveling. What’s the last great trip you took?

AE: I went to Palm Springs a couple months ago.

tFS: What did you like about it?

AE: I actually relaxed, maybe for the first time ever!

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