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One Minute With … Wildfox Creative Director Kimberley Gordon

Wildfox Fall 2015

Wildfox Fall 2015; Image: BFA NYC

Little Italy isn’t exactly known for being a hotbed for street style stars, but that’s exactly what it turned into on Thursday night when Wildfox came into town. The L.A.-based brand set up shop at Il Cortile on Mulberry Street in New York to debut their Fall 2015 presentation. The restaurant’s garden dining room was transformed into a backdrop where 22 models showcased “La Dolce Vita,” a sunny collection inspired by a winter vacation to the Amalfi Coast. (Think flirty shift dresses and cropped tees that channeled the 60s and crocheted sweaters that winked to the 70s.) In between bopping our heads to beats by The Misshapes and snapping candids with Italian speech bubbles in the photo booth, we caught up with creative director Kimberley Gordon to talk t-shirts, vintage secrets and her upcoming summer fragrance.

theFashionSpot: What’s your Fall 2015 inspiration?

Kimberley Gordon: It was sort of Stealing Beauty meets Sophia Loren meets permanent vacation to Italy. I just wanted to make summer last into fall, and Italy seemed like the place. I really fell in love with the idea when I was looking through Slim Aarons’ book “La Dolce Vita.” I just wanted to be with a big family, eating and napping and swimming.

tFS: You offer a lot of different categories–denim, swim, sunglasses, intimates. Which one is the most challenging?

KG: Definitely denim! No question. It’s hard, and I don’t think we have found our wild and outgoing voice in jeans yet, but we’re moving towards it.

tFS: Wildfox has become a staple California brand. What’s the most L.A. thing about you?

KG: Probably my obsession with Los Angeles and the magic I project into it. I feel like we’re walking on this big, beautiful set with a smog screen and pink skies. I can feel Marilyn [Monroe] in the air, and it smells like jasmine.

tFS: The brand is known for its vintage aesthetic. What’s your favorite thrift store in California?

KG: There are a lot, but I love Shareen Downtown. It’s girls-only and has a bed instead of changing rooms.

tFS: T-shirts put you on the map. What’s been your most popular design so far?

KG: We have a new popular design each season, but our baggy beach jumper is truly up there. My favorite for fall is all the destroyed flannel stuff; it feels genuinely old. I also love “Kiss me, I’m Italian” and the “I’ll be napping tee.”

tFS: Your fragrance with Elizabeth Arden is launching this summer. Tell us more!

KG: The bottle is amazing! It’s really the epitome of our brand. It’s sexy and whimsical and floral. I wanted it to have the essence of spring in Los Angeles with jasmine notes. The models are super dreamy, and we hand-made all the clothes for it. Can’t wait to share it!