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21 Questions With… DJ and Model Harley Viera-Newton

Harley Viera Newton

Image: Getty

One of the original models/DJs, Harley Viera-Newton travels the world jet-setting from one cool event to the other (just check out her Instagram). She’s shot campaigns for Hermes, Uniqlo, DKNY, Michael Kors, Net-a-Porter and Gucci, among many others and is a regular in glossies like British Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Now she’s also the driving force behind HVN, a new line of dresses launched with Matches Fashion and fashioned after her own signature retro-romantic style. We caught up with the undeniable It girl to ask her our quickfire questions. Fly fishing is involved…anyone else wondering if she does it in one of her trademark tea dresses?

  1. My guilty pleasure is… watching Gilmore Girls.
  2. When I’m stressed, I… try to work out because it’s the only thing that clears my head. 
  3. My absolute all-time favorite song is… Jackson Browne “Fountain of Sorrow”.
  4. If I could trade closets with one person it would be… Jean Seberg.
  5. The most treasured item in my closet is… my vintage Marvelettes T-shirt I found in Tokyo.
  6. I’m dying to splurge on… the new Dolce & Gabbana Bengal cat collection.
  7. My biggest regret is… never living in Tokyo when I was younger. 
  8. When I’m low on energy, I… catnap.
  9. My beauty essentials include… Shu Uemura eyelash curler, Caudalie Beauty Elixir, MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick and a bottle of Fiji water.
  10. If you looked at my desktop you’d find… lots of photos of my cats.
  11. If my days had one extra hour… right now, I’d use it to catch up on sleep!
  12. I’m most excited for fall because… New York City weather in September is perfect.
  13. When it comes to Fashion Week… I look forward to all my friends coming into town from Los Angeles, London and Paris. 
  14. My secret talent is… fly fishing.
  15. My favorite snack is a… chocolate croissant from Balthazar
  16. When it comes to wellness… balance is key — everything in moderation. 
  17. My morning routine includes… feeding the cats, making a coffee before answering emails, showering and then starting my day. 
  18. My favorite place in the world is… the Florida Keys.
  19. The most surprising thing about my job is… I rarely go out to bars or clubs if I’m not DJing!
  20. The best piece of advice is… act your age not your shoe size. 
  21. What I love most about my dress line isthey are really comfortable dresses I can easily throw on and run around in.