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Year in Review: The 21 News Stories That Dominated Our Feeds in 2016

This year was eventful (to say the least) and the 21 stories that dominated the news cycle prove it. Ashley Graham ascended to supermodel status. Not for the first time, Marc Jacobs came under fire for failing to consider the meaning behind a hairstyle. The U.S. election, a gut-wrenching roller coaster ride, at least yielded some very serious sartorial gains. As did Beyoncé’s breathtaking visual album. And then there was that time the world’s most powerful social media force up and left the game after a traumatizing encounter with a band of jewel thieves. Looking back is bittersweet, but what can we say, we’re sentimentalists. Scroll through the slideshow above to reminisce on the 21 fashion news stories that defined 2016.