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There has been much buzz around Cota since his debut, and with this collection Cota has affirmed that the early positive press was well warranted. Black canvases explode with mineral tones of copper, purple, cobalt, ochre and crimson. Horizontal patterns are juxtaposed against vertical bursts of metallic bronze and copper, while dizzying galaxies of yellow, orange, and red are imprinted on soft chiffon cocktail looks. And Cota’s lapis knitted square oversized vest with onyx ponte with python inset slim pant was the standout outfit in this collection.

If there was one distraction to Cota’s presentation, it was the short-bobbed wigs that caused to the eye to linger on the wrong silhouette. That said, this dynamic presentation places Cota right where he needs to be – among those fortunate few who understand how to keep the creative momentum going.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.