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Do you splash out on make-up, or are you the type to save your pennies and get drugstore brands instead? Total Beauty recently examined a variety of lipsticks to determine what ones work best for less… and we’re taking a look at some of our tried-and-true favorites right here.

When it comes to beauty shopping, we like the experts to steer us in the right direction… especially when it comes to trying out some of the more prohibitively expensive lip tints and shines. Here are a few of the luxe vs. less comparisons that we tried and loved from Total Beauty.

Moneysaver No. 1

$$: Benefit Benetint Lip Balm, $20


$: Flirt! Tint-a-Licious Lip Sheer (Lover), $10

Matching colors and gloss levels of lip tints is a great way to make your buck count. The Benefit lip tint is a fun bright pink with just a hint of gloss, and the Flirt! version is 50% cheaper, with the same intensity and shine.

Moneysaver No.2


$$: Giorgio Armani Sheer Lipstick, $25

$: Outlast Long-Wear Lip Color, $8.99

Total Beauty originally recommended Covergirl’s TruShine, but this lipstick has been sadly discontinued. CoverGirl now directs us to Outlast as the replacement. Armani lip colors in creams and sheers can be swapped from more affordable CoverGirl version, and who doesn’t need to save money these days?

Moneysaver No.3

$$$: Cle de Peau Lip Gloss (No. 11), $47

$: L’Oreal Paris Bare Naturale Gentle Lip Conditioner (Soft Bloom), $8.96

This option delivers some of the most impressive savings, and the color/formula match is quite close. Cle de Peau has been called "the $50 lip gloss" by gobsmacked beauty bloggers, but you can substitute this L’Oreal pink sheer any day (and for under $10).


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