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Keeping up with designer diffusion, mass market, and limited edition collaborations can be a full time job on its own. With the recent

Eugenia Kim, Cynthia Vincent

, and

Zac Posen Target

collaborations, and the recent announcement of the

Lenox and Marchesa

partnership, we now have yet another high-low pairing in our midst – David’s Bridal and Vera Wang have just signed a long-term agreement.


Given the mayhem that Vera Wang’s bi-annual bridal sample sales draw and the designer’s ever-growing empire, which now includes a contemporary line called Vera Wang Lavender, multiple fragrances, a book, jewelry, housewares, and a line for Kohl’s, it almost seems long overdue that Wang would opt to team with a retailer for frugal wedding options.


Thanks to appearances on cult programs like Sex and the City and prominent shout-outs in both weeklies due to her celebrity associations and monthly books with her ready-to-wear as well as bridal lines, Wang seems to be as recognizable to most women these days as Ralph Lauren or Donna Karan. Unfortunately, while countless aspire, very few women can actually afford the 5 figure (and up) price tags that come with the designer’s carefully crafted dresses, so this upcoming collection which ranges in price from $600 to $1500, will hopefully live up to Wang’s claim that she plans to deliver a great product, and that David’s “will be able to bring a taste level.”
The debut collection will hit stores in the spring and feature 20 bridal gowns. I’m looking forward to seeing this. It seems like a very promising pairing that will not only give J. Crew’s upcoming bridal line a run for its money, but also enhance Wang’s business without taking away from her luxury line.  After all, while many women may opt to buy a Zac Posen party dress from Target that they’ll wear once over the luxury line, it’s hard to imagine anyone who can afford a Vera Wang wedding dress will opt for the David’s version.
Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.