What’s the Worst Fashion Trend of 2010?

We’re just over half way through 2010, but with the Spring Summer 2011 season just a few short months away we can’t help but think ahead and hope that some of the major fashion trends we’ve seen thus far don’t make repeat appearances.

Among the leading offenders are jumpsuits, harem pants, and ripped tights. The bad news is that all of these trends not only made it through the first half of 2010, but also through all of 2009 and some of 2008 – do you think they will continue to stick?

Our polls show that readers are about evenly split as to which of these three trends they deem the worst of 2010. Jumpsuits got 32.35% of the votes, while harem pants received 30.88%, and ripped tights (we blame them on Lindsay Lohan), got 36.76% of the votes.
It’s hard to categorically say a trend is the worst, because so much of fashion is how you wear it. However, I do have to say that I have yet to encounter someone pull of ripped tights in a flattering way. Ditto for clogs, which have just recently emerged as a prominent footwear style (and are a personal peeve).
Thankfully the good has, so far this year, outweighed the bad. Nautical stripes, ikat prints, vibrant floral motifs, chunky jewelry, and heavy knits are just some of the wonderful trends we’ve seen make it from the runway to the bodies of fashionable men and women around the globe.