Cable Knit Sweaters Make a Stylish Comeback

With the weather nipping at our backs every time we step outside, it’s clear that we need to own a few really warm and chic sweaters to keep us from freezing.

From slouchy knitted cardigans to toughly shredded pullovers, there’s something for anyone that’s looking for a warm cover-up this time of the year. But never before has the cable knit sweater been as coveted as an expensive cashmere cardigan.

The cable knit sweater, also known as The Fisherman’s Sweater, is chunky and thick, perfectly protecting you from the harsh elements that will define the months ahead. Its oversized nature is everything we need to balance out our timeless body-conscious pieces, and to outweigh our other gargantuan garments, like the maxi skirts and voluminous shorts seen on many of the fall 2010 runways.

The cable knit sweater is an age old classic that’s undeniably preppy and All-American – and that’s why it is so fun to reinvent it to fit our own personal style.

Check out these wonderfully warm cable knits below.


1. Vince Cropped Cable Knit Sweater from Shopbop – $235.00

2. Catherine Malandrino Cable Knit Off Shoulder Sweater from Shopbop – $495.00

3. BCBGMAZAZRIA Belted Cable-Knit Cardigan from Bloomingdales – $186.00

4. Aerie Natural-Spun Mohair Cable Knit Sweater from American Eagle – $49.50

5. Cambridge Cable Crewneck Sweater from J. Crew – $74.00