Samantha Toro Paz and Sophie Christian are the founders of the increasingly popular HOY FASHION, a street style site based in the UK. They travel up and down the country, occasionally venturing into Europe, and have a trip to NYC planned for this fall.

This is all in search of stylish people to inspire the rest of us and collect material for an impending museum exhibition.

I quizzed them on their favourite stylish celebrities, their personal style, and hopes for the future of HOY.

Why did you decide to set up HOY FASHION?

(Samantha) I was always interested in street style websites and I noticed there weren’t any websites representing Liverpool.

(Sophie) We were starting our own photography business at the time and

after discussing it with Sam, we both felt that it would make an interesting project. It was also a good way for us to build confidence when dealing with people, and to explore the creative side of fashion photography.


What are the criteria for someone making it on to the site? What catches your eye?

(Samantha)  Anyone whose look we like or think the viewers of HOY would like, and we try to get as much variation on the site as possible.


(Sophie) We like to feature people on the website who aren’t afraid to

be different and stand out from the crowd.

Who would be your ideal celebrity to feature on HOY?

(Samantha) I really like Leigh Lezark from ‘The Misshapes’ style and I’d love to get Chloe Sevigny on HOY!


(Sophie) Mary-Kate Olsen has a great sense of style. I like the way she

mixes gothic with feminine. She has a very distinct look.

Describe your personal style.

(Samantha) I have a pretty simple style, classic but hopefully not too

boring. My everyday outfit is usually a dress, tights and some kind of flats.

(Sophie) I wouldn’t really say I have a particular style in the day, but

I love to dress up at night. I like to go for bold colours but always rely on black as a back up plan!

Which is the more stylish city, London or Paris?

(Samantha) London style is far more individual.  No one is afraid to take a

risk! Paris style seems to be very classic; a lot of black, expensive shoes and bags.

Do you prefer people who take risks with their look or do you opt for a

more classic style?

(Sophie) I think people need to take risks in order to keep thing interesting, but a classic style is timeless and is less likely to go out of fashion.

What are your hopes for the future of HOY?

(Samantha + Sophie) We hope that our photography business will continue being as successful as it has been!

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