What We Bought: Louis Vuitton, Vintage Dior and More (Forum Shopaholics)

Louis Vuitton monogram ikat pareo

The Fashion Spot forum members in the Secret Shopaholics thread picked up some pretty and on-trend pieces, both vintage and brand new, to breathe some new life into their wardrobes. Read on for a selection of forum buys from the past week…

Gap Maxi dressA.P.C. cotton sailor sweatshirt

Hebden snapped up this Gap maxi dress that she described on her blog, Style… a Work in Progress, as “very un-Gap.” She posted on the Fashion Spot, “I have a soft spot for black summer dresses… but always have a hard time finding them… so I snagged this maxi dress as soon as I saw it.” Lucky that she got it when she still could, as the dress is sold out online (as I discovered when I unsuccessfully tried to snap one up for myself). Count me among the ranks of forum shopaholics.

BonjourTristesse described her new cotton A.P.C. sailor-style sweatshirt as “Perfect for my French wardrobe and to spice up the many basics I own.”

Prada bear keychainDior Aloha nail polish

KamenKutak indulged in some retail therapy this week. “I had an awful day at the office, so I needed a little gift for myself and this cute Prada keychain bear was perfect,” she explained. There’s nothing like a little Prada to brighten your day.

Eu-pt was also looking to cheer herself up with a little something, but she took a less expensive route, picking up some Dior Aloha nail polish.

Emmanuelle Khanh vintage sunglasses

Rochasfille indulged in some vintage ebay finds this week. Among them was this pair of “80s Emmanuelle Khanh python-trimmed sunglasses with the original case – hopefully the first of many pairs. I am already stalking another,” she confessed.

Flower print Zara dressLouis Vuitton monogram ikat pareo

Lifeistiffanyblu bought a pretty flower printed dress from Zara that was boyfriend-approved. “I can’t wait to wear it out,” she wrote.

Sonnytsunami’s new monogram ikat pareo by Louis Vuitton was more of a gift than a purchase, but she was very excited about it, calling it a “new sweetheart of mine.” Is it a good or bad thing to have great affection for something that you wear? When you put it on, it’s a reflection of you, so you should love it, right? I think it’s a good thing.

Christian Dior vintage skirtChloe wedge sandals

Another fun ebay purchase, rochasfille picked up this “Christian Dior graphic tropical print skirt, to wear with [her] mint green Alexander Wang sweater with asymmetrical sleeves.” Whether the newly acquired skirt works with the top she has in mind, rochasfille has a fun new midi-length skirt that’s right on trend for this season.

Zarina couldn’t get enough of these Chloé wedge sandals. “Got them in light brown last year and had to get the black as well since they are so comfy,” she wrote.


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.