Sheer layers, stars and stripes, floral couture, fringing, fine pleats, brush strokes & sharp chic are among the signature styles of some of the industry’s heavyweight designers. But another trend is gently captivating designers and fashionista’s hearts worldwide.

The Romantic trend.

For all the star-crossed lovers out there, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. After seasons of collections crossing masculinity with femininity, a more female approach seems to be making a come back.

Menswear-influenced fashion put aside, femininity has always been in fashion. Sundresses and ladylike suits were fashionable only a second ago it seems. But that’s the great thing about fashion, it always changes. And now, the change we’ve all been secretly anticipating.

If other trends don’t take your fancy, have no fear. A sweet, elegant trend has emerged, and will surely supply you with an enchanting new theme to your wardrobe. Visualize soft pastel colours, ruffles and frills, sheer chiffon dresses and enchanting, architectural heels. Intricately detailed with an evident playfulness.  Enhance femininity with lace and ruffles. Or for a unique spin, pair with some acid washed jeans which also seem to be having a come back. 

Romantic dresses with ruffles in delicate fabrics such as chiffon and silk are the staple to any romantic trend follower. This was best illustrated on John Galliano’s catwalk which, in my opinion, looked like a scene from a fairytale. Models wore pink chiffon dresses adorned and embellished with sparkle. Elegant coats with extra material to allow movement and floral maxi dresses are definitely an excellent accompaniment. Fabrics were sheer, soft and feminine with metallic mentions. Even the classic LBD (Little Black Dress) received a wave of the fairytale wand with romantic ruffles and embellishments. Dior also captured the magic of this look with embellished 20s style flapper dresses in pastel green.

With romanticism, it’s hard to not get captured in a dream. So sit back, and reminisce in a land of fairytales, because this land of fairytales could be closer than you think.


Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.