Found: 25 of Fall’s Most Comfortable (and Stylish) Flat Boots

Updating your fall boot selection is hard work. After all, these (often leather) numbers usually require a serious monetary commitment. And when we shell out the big bucks, we expect style, comfort and durability in return. In a perfect world, all boots would be as timeless as that moment when we glance at their price tag.

Of course, we can’t ask fashion’s fickle palate to stop evolving — nor would we want it to. And most boots, unfortunately, don’t come heeled with warranties. When it comes to comfort, however, there is an easy way of weeding out the less-than-cozy contenders: Skip the heels.

Even without literally upping your flat boots’ sex appeal, you’ve still got a ton of shapes, styles and fabrics to choose from — all of which look pretty damn good regardless of height. Take the first step (if you will) toward a chic yet cozy seasonal shoe closet. Click through the slideshow above to shop 25 of the season’s most comfortable and stylish flat boots.

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