Stylin’ Workout Gear That Makes Getting Sweaty Fun

If you're an American, there's pretty much a 99.95% chance that your set of New Year's resolutions included something about getting in shape. Adding exercise to your lifestyle is super healthy—but activewear doesn't always get the greatest rap for being stylish. Of course, that's not why you workout, but having something not-hideous to wear while sweating can increase your willingness to actually suit up. Luckily for us, retailers aren't just peddling the same old boring workout gear, and since Jeremy Scott got into the activewear game, we can't say we've been bored with the offerings. Whether your workouts take you to the great outdoors, your local gym or the nearest (indoor) pool, we've got something that should fit your needs perfectly. Click through for ten picks you wouldn't mind being spotted in post-workout.