Each year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions; they resolve to be more fit, eat better, quit smoking, and generally create a halcyon environment in which to live (which is probably why so many resolutions are broken before the end of January; establishing a Utopia is a difficult business). 

This year, in an effort to make resolutions that can be kept for more than two weeks, my thoughts are turning to fashion.  To that end, I resolve to:

Avoid unnecessary, and wasteful, duplication
.  Before making any purchases, I vow to ask myself the question “Are there already one (or more) of this item sitting in my closet, unloved and unworn?”

Wear an item within two weeks of purchasing it.  If the delay between purchase and first use is longer than this, I have a nasty habit of letting my new purchases languish in closet no-man’s land.

Try to focus on buying a few things that I actually “need”.  As my bank account can attest, I find it alarmingly easy to spend money on pieces which are ‘beautiful’ but will get limited wear, rather than buying a few of the practical, yet dull, necessities of life.


Cull the herd.  Anything un-worn, un-loved, or ug-ly has to go.  No more holding onto things because of the memories associated with them, or the remembrance of how much they cost.  Hello eBay, thrift store, or donation box!  Goodbye to staring at clothes that make me feel guilty!