Crowding outside the London Fashion Week Topshop, everyone excitedly waited to be let into the coveted, exclusive catwalk space. Held dear to London and respected as an innovative designer, Denmark-born Peter Jensen showcased his Autumn/Winter 2009 collection entitled “Jytte”.  Consistently attracting a throng of the fashion forward, Jensen’s collection was highly anticipated, with fashion goers eager to sink their teeth into his new looks.

His design signatures, “wearable, naïve and childish”, were definitely incorporated into this collection, with “cool and quirky” thrown into the eclectic cocktail of his Jytte collection.

A Nordic feel to the clothing was present, quilted floral jackets in faded colours were worn, for both men and women. Intricately beaded capes layered over plaid shirts or jumpers also came down the catwalk, along with other garments such as jewelled socks, “Polar Bear white” jumpers and table cloth plaid print. Gauzy hoods reminded us of Little Red Riding Hood, and to add to the Nordic feel, seal buckle belts accessorized looks.

There was definitely a story to the collection, but instead of words illustrating the narrative, garments varying in colour, print and silhouette translated the story into a number of outfits. The Peter Jensen woman is “Someone who understands and appreciates the details and the story behind the collection”. And there was certainly plenty to comprehend and appreciate.

A cozy, folksy feel was also apparent, with traditional warm attributes. Every look sported a pair of thigh high boots adorned with picturesque florals you would expect to find in Danish country houses and exquisitely painted antique furniture. We were taken into a different place, reminiscing slopes and folklore, rather than the University of Westminster Topshop Catwalk. The models were decked with Eskimo print puffer jackets, scarves with mittens dangling on the end and polar bear hats with pom poms for ears. The models were fit for the slopes. 

Watching the show, and admiring the looks, there really is no need to question why Peter Jensen has such an avid, loyal, cult following. I can safely say we’ll all have the thigh high boots and faded floral jackets at the top of our list come Autumn/Winter. The way Peter Jensen makes us want his garments – cute, cool, and expertly styled – is so powerful. There really is no point in resisting.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.