Not since “Sex and the City,” has a television series had as much of an impact on the fashions that viewers are wearing as with the AMC drama “Mad Men”. Even fashion designers are getting on the “Mad Men” train – Michael Kors even singled out the show as being a direct influence for some of his designs. The sixties revival ushered in by the show’s lead character Don Draper has catapulted the series’ costume designer, Janie Bryant, to Patricia Field’s-eque status and Bryant, who has already designed limited edition pieces for a variety of retailers, has now signed an agreement with Matchbook Company.



The agreement was established to obtain licensing deals and guest designer partnerships with fashion brands. While Bryant said that she hopes this strategic approach will allow her to branch out and use her “creativity and ability to interpret period [fashion] to create designs for real collections that people can enjoy,” and that the ultimate goal will be her own fashion label. 

When asked about the appeal of the drama’s early sixties style, the Tennessee native remarked that it’s a “gorgeous, classic silhouettes. Americans have been so casual for so long, I think they long for this kind of considered dressing.” While I don’t know that I necessarily agree with Bryant’s opinion that America is looking to move out of their casual-tendencies — if anything I get the feeling that the opposite is increasingly true — I look forward to more tailored and alluringly demure looks to come.