Style Challenge: Graphic Print Revamp

When first presented with the question, “Does your style need a revamp?” I guffawed as I looked in my closet with a “Who? Me?!” expression. I’d recently completed a ruthless round of spring cleaning, sparing no expense: tops I hadn’t worn in years, undies with elastic springing from the seams, holey jeans (not the trendy kind) and a clutch I swore would be a signature style item but somehow still had on the original tags.

I was operating with full wardrobe efficiency, but as I stood smugly confronted with the surviving hangers, my eyes glazed over at the rows of basics, neutrals and sea of solids. My mission suddenly became clear: GRAPHICS. They’re everywhere this season — except in my closet. Read on to see how I attempt pattern prowess and kick solid colors to the curb.

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