Office Style Tips from Leesa Evans, Costume Designer for ‘The Internship’

Cividini Spring 2013, image: IMAXtree

Cividini Spring 2013, image: IMAXtree

Finding the perfect outfit to wear out with your girls is simple, but dressing to impress at work? Yeah, that's a bit more complicated. Smart chicks know that the way you dress can affect your career, so we decided to pick the brain of Leesa Evans, costume designer for The Internship, to help you navigate those murky fashion waters. 

Leesa EvansThe Fashion Spot: What are your top tips for workplace style? 

Leesa Evans: I have a few tips:

  1. Keep it simple, find a silhouette that works for you and turn it into a "uniform."
  2. Always look put together and professional, even if it's "casual Friday."

tFS: There's a saying that goes, "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have." What style tips do you have for women wanting to work their way up the corporate ladder?

LE: I agree with that saying. I think it's important to feel confident and aspirational in your look. I would urge women to find corporate looks that embrace both their feminine nature and their tomboy tough side.

tFS: Summer is a difficult season to dress for the workplace. It's hot as heck outside, but chilly inside with the blasting AC. Any tips for outfit ideas that can help you transition from each environment to the other?

LE: I am a big fan of layering in any season so that your outfit looks put together and great with a jacket on or off.

tFS: What tips do you have for really making your style unique while still staying classy and professional? 

LE: I always start with classic pieces and then add a twist. It could be a classic pencil skirt and men's style shirt, but when you add a bohemian necklace, it suddenly becomes unique and a bit feminine as well.

tFS: What workplace fashion items should every woman own? 

LE: Some of my personal must-haves are:

  1. the perfect blazer
  2. a sexy yet comfortable pair of heels
  3. and of course, a knockout dress