Stylish But Comfy Summer Flats to Avoid the Flip Flop Trap

I think my love/hate relationship with flip flops goes back to the early days of Stacy and Clinton on TLC’s What Not To Wear. They were duly horrified when any guest was seen wearing flip flops running errands, hanging out with friends, or indeed anywhere not near a pool or beach. Perhaps I didn’t take these dictates as seriously in my student days, but as I’ve gotten older and become a professional, and as more and more stylists and fashion arbiters have taken on the mantle of abolishing flip flops as casual footwear, I’ve made a real effort to keep my feet more stylishly shod. 

But, like, wearing real shoes is hard. Seriously, I’m going to the grocery store and I have to tie laces (sorry, won’t give up my Converse) or slip into some flats that rub against my foot? Why, style Gods, why? So, in my effort to avoid flip flops, I tirelessly scour store shelves for comfortable but stylish alternatives — and I’m more than happy to bring some of my newest favorites to you.