They’re Back: Knee-High Socks for Fall 2013

In a year where thigh-high boots are dominating the runway, it's no surprise its sister accessory, the knee-high sock, is working its way back, as made evident by Anna Sui's colorful collection of socks and Tommy Hilfiger's American pastoral take on the classic stocking. Little in fashion has been untouched and unaffected by Alicia Silverstone's infamous portrayal as Cher Horowitz in Clueless and her signature plaid miniskirt ensembles wouldn't have reached 90s fashion fame and its current resurgence without the help of the knee-high stocking. When every designer, from Fendi to House of Holland, put their models' best foot forward in knee-high socks, it indeed signalled the tall stocking's return to the spotlight. So pull up your socks and succumb once more to the knee-high trend.