23 Fashion DIYs We’re Actually Excited to Try

You know those clever human beings that come up with crafty fashion DIYs out of thin air? Yeah, that’s not us. We’re normally the hunter-gatherers who think, “Oh, I could make that” and then buy it instead. We have overflowing Pinterest boards labeled “Projects We’ll Probably Never Do,” because we’re probably eyeball-deep in a Netflix marathon and can’t be bothered. 

Now, maybe there’s a random bout of carpe diem going around or maybe it’s the aftermath of New Year’s resolutions that never were, but we’ve finally decided to turn off the tube and get down and dirty with a boatload of DIYs this winter. How hard can it be, right?

From lucite clutches to embellished heels, here are the top fashion DIYs that made our list. Fingers crossed.