Timo Weiland’s Alan Eckstein Dishes Fall Style Tips

Alan Eckstein with Donna Kang and Timo Weiland

Alan Eckstein with Donna Kang and Timo Weiland; Image: Getty

Our October guest editors, the design team of Timo Weiland, are geniuses when it comes to layering and dressing for colder weather. So, who better to help us with fall and winter dressing than the team’s own Alan Eckstein? We picked his brain on the must-haves, the colors you should wear, how to avoid tights for as long as possible and doggy sweaters. 

theFashionSpot: What is your number one style rule in general?

Alan Eckstein: Don’t overthink style. Whatever comes to mind is usually what works for you. The best style is effortless.

tFS: What do you think both men and women don’t do enough of when dressing for colder weather?

AE: I’m not sure if everyone does enough — but I’m a big fan of layering. A shirt, sweater, vest, then jacket is great for the colder weather and it can be peeled off to adjust to temperatures and, if done right, looks so cool and unique. Also, I love a quilted vest underneath a jacket for added warmth and versatility.

tFS: What’s a good way to add some fun to a fall/winter look?

AE: A great beanie is essential for the winter and a great addition to any outfit. Prints, colors, yarns or stitches: Those beanies come in such a variety, which is fun to play with.

tFS: So many of us default to wearing darker, drab colors when the weather turns. Do you have suggestions to lighten the mood?

AE: Honestly, everyone looks good in darker colors, so I think that’s OK. But adding a bright sock or bright shoelaces to a dark outfit can lighten it up and bring more personality to a look. 

tFS: What’s your go-to pattern for fall?

AE: Windowpane plaid is my all-time favorite plaid. It’s handsome, but still eccentric.  

Timo Weiland

What’s Alan’s stance on dog sweaters? And his favorite plaid. (Yes, there’s more than one kind.); Images: Courtesy of Timo Weiland, Imaxtree

tFS: What’s the best way to avoid wearing tights? Because once they’re on, they’re on for life. Or, you know, the next six months.

AE: 13 to 15 oz. denim is great for the winter as they are a bit heavier than most. Also, heavy cotton trousers work well for keeping warm down below.

tFS: Do you have a go-to look that you wear in the fall?

AE: White button-down, black crewneck sweater, car coat and beanie is my fall uniform.

tFS: Doggy sweaters: Yay or nay?

AE: YES, of course. We originated the “coconut” sweater, which is my Dachshund on a Merino crewneck sweater that we do every season. 

tFS: What’s your favorite thing to wear when it’s cold? 

AE: The perfect coat.