Mad Hatters: The Craziest Fascinators from Royal Ascot 2015

Peacocking isn’t just something that our favourite fashion bloggers do during Fashion Week — high society also gets in on the act when the Royal Ascot hits town. As the traditional racing event is well underway for yet another year, we’ve seen a plethora of guests from members of the royal family to your average ladies who like to lunch donning their most eye-catching oheadwear.

Since the Royal Ascot has a rather outdated dress code, it is obligatory for ladies to wear a hat or fascinator at all times within the most prestigious of enclosures at the racecourse, which welcomes the tradition of a hat off. Only a select few are crowned as the best dressed on Ladies Day, so believe us when we say that the competition is fierce. It’s totally normal to see what can only be described as a mini piece of art on someone’s head as they try their hardest to be noticed.

So far, we haven’t been disappointed when it comes to innovative hats. From oversized blooms to DIY creations made from leftover pizza boxes, it’s going to be a tough call for the judges to crown a winner. Here are a few of the most memorable hats from this year’s races so far.

Images: WENN