Couture vs. Comic-Con: Can You Tell the Difference?

Last week, all eyes were on a certain international event. There was a celebrity guest list, adoring fans and creativity in spades, but maybe the most distinctive element involved the outrageous outfits — think whimsical headgear, other-worldly makeup and lots of capes. The fashion was the stuff of dreams, looks that commoners could never get away with wearing in their daily lives. Not sure whether we’re describing the runways of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week or the cosplayers at Comic-Con? Actually, we’re talking about both and these two celebrations of innovative and over-the-top design have more in common than you may think.

Take a look at these close-up snaps from Paris and San Diego and see if you can pinpoint whether they’re high fashion moments or impressive nerd alerts. Fashionistas and fangirls alike, test your style chops and decide for yourself if the looks above came from Couture or Comic-Con.