How to Pull Off Cropped Flares, Fall’s Trickiest Trend

Cropped flares are raising eyebrows left and right — and we have one brand to thank for that: Marques’Almeida. The emerging London-based label, founded by designers Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida in 2011, has garnered a cult following for its frayed, new wave 90s denim. But it’s the brand’s cropped flares in particular that have started a sartorial domino effect. For the past few seasons, Marques’Almeida has been experimenting with the truncated trousers and it’s catching traction with fellow designers and street style stars alike. But how does the average woman pull off such a tricky trend? The answer: With help! Here are eight easy tips for wearing cropped flares to get you started. Good luck and Godspeed.