Rock a Power Blazer This Fall, Make Diane Keaton Proud

Woody Allen and Diane Keaton on the set of "Annie Hall."

Woody Allen and Diane Keaton on the set of Annie Hall. Note her power pose/blazer; Image: Bettmann / Contributor

Here’s one thing we’re reminded of over and over when we look at the recent collections: Annie Hall. In the book Vogue on Ralph Lauren, the titular American designer (who supplied clothing for the film’s leads) is quoted as saying, “Annie’s style was Diane’s style — very eclectic. Oversized jackets and vests, floppy men’s hats and cowboy boots. We shared a sensibility, but she had a style that was all her own. Annie Hall was pure Diane Keaton.”

Power blazer street style sighting.

…A modern day adaptation; Image: Imaxtree

Cowboy boots walked at Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein debut, not to mention the Fall 2017 runways of Céline, Yeezy and Louis Vuitton. Floppy hats are a Spring 2018 must-have: they showed up at Jacquemus, Giorgio Armani and Missoni. And as for oversized blazers, they’re everywhere. This past fashion month, brands such as Gucci, Tom Ford, Chloé, Chanel, Céline, Monse, Tom Ford, Off-White and Marques ‘ Almeida proved that a power blazer can dress up literally any outfit. (Cue Alvy Singer’s voice-over: “It was great seeing Annie again.”)

Power blazers on the Spring 2018 runways.

Blazers at Max Mara Spring 2018, Acne Studios Spring 2018 and Miu Miu Spring 2018; Images: Imaxtree

Yes, tons of designers borrowed Annie’s ultimate outerwear staple, the big, bold blazer. But they often flouted her styling conventions. At Max Mara, a two-tone denim blazer came paired with a camel top, chiffon-overlaid pencil skirt and matching T-bar heels. Acne Studios saw the return of pinstriped 70s-inspired suiting. There, the oxblood-tinged blazers were marbled and done in patent, the stripes on the suits laced with delicate fringing. At Miu Miu, outsize blazers clashed with neon socks and Birkenstock-esque sandals.

Power blazer street style sightings.

Further proof you need a power blazer in your life; Images: Imaxtree

As with the fanny pack, the fashion crowd was way ahead of the trend. A vast majority of Spring 2018 showgoers swapped their denim jackets and leather motos for the more polished form of insulation. Blazers for women of the oversized, strong-shouldered, double-breasted and check persuasion were a particular favorite. Super-saturated, primary-colored blazers came in a close second.

Oftentimes, the sharp, nine-to-five-ready toppers came as part of a two-piece set (hashtag pantsuit nation). Others used ‘em to dress up their everyday denim. Still others paired their blazers with floral skirts or velvety bottoms for a cool contrast. Then there were the blazers-over-dresses-over-pantsers and those who seemed to have forsaken bottoms altogether (until a glimpse of micro-mini skirt proved otherwise).

Some final notes. (1) Power blazers call for power poses — stand tall, show your confidence. (2) On occasion, switch things up and cinch/define your waist with a belt (bag). And now, without further ado, shop our picks for the best power blazers for women in the gallery below.

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