What to Wear to Each of Summer’s Hottest Concerts

Deciding you wanted to brave the crowds and the heat to see [insert musical genius here] was easy. Budgeting for the occasion, still relatively so. Sitting by the computer in the minutes leading up to the ticket drop repeatedly hitting refresh, a little irritating but, again, fairly straightforward. Deciding what to wear to a concert on the big day, not so much.

There are several things to consider when planning summer concert outfits. Footwear can be especially tricky and while flashy sandals are tempting, we who’ve seen Randall’s Island Park in the rain recommend erring on the side of practical. For festivalgoers, a flat shoe is absolutely necessary. (Depending on the forecast, rain boots and several plastic bags may even be in order.) For daytime lineups, well-ventilated concert outfits are key. Having a top layer on hand, however, is absolutely essential to sustaining comfort once the sun dips.

Many may be tempted to commit the well-practiced faux pas of throwing on a T-shirt touting the artist of the hour, sliding on a pair of cutoffs and calling it a day. This is our cease and desist order. Rather than going the over-trodden band tee route, why not draw style inspiration from your music idol? After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery when deciding what to wear to a concert and, in this day and age, the industry’s hottest headliners are known not only for their vocal skills, but their fashion chops. Picture this: Beyoncé locks eyes with you from across the crowd. Her prophetic gaze takes in your interpretation of her show-stopping “Sorry” ensemble. She extends a thumbs-up. Life as you know it is never the same. (Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time Bey paused during a performance to compliment a fan’s look.)

Click through the slideshow above for a guide to what to wear to a concert this summer and the outfit essentials that will get you noticed at each one.