18 Street Style-Approved Ways to Wear Underwear as Outerwear

There are so many pretty underwear styles that it’s a shame to cover them up. Some bras and slips have as many stylish details as dresses and jackets. Street style stars have realized this and they’re helping to change our mindset that underwear should be kept hidden beneath our clothes, daring to show it off like any other fabulous piece. The trend started with slip dresses and pajama dressing and now we’re seeing fashion girls show off everything from bras to robes to even panties.

Newbies to the trend might find the thought of revealing their underthings to be a little intimidating. If you do it wrong, it can look like you ran out of the house without getting dressed. Don’t let that stop you. The underwear as outerwear trend is actually pretty easy to master. The key is to make it look intentional.

Give the fashion trend a try and you will see that when you start thinking about your underwear like any other piece in your wardrobe, you have many more options to choose from. Click through the gallery to see ways you can start showing off your lingerie and master the underwear as outerwear trend.

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Images: Imaxtree