25 Bridesmaid Dress Ideas for Your Winter Wedding

You’ve done it. You’ve scoured this wide, populous world and found the one person with whom you very much wish to coexist. Forever. Now for the hard part: finding seasonally-appropriate bridesmaid dresses that fit your wedding aesthetic and don’t make your nearest and dearest cringe.

We kid. Finding a chic compromise (or 25) is actually fairly simple. It’s almost 2017: the days of ugly, cookie-cutter bridesmaid dresses are well behind us. As far as wedding party ensembles go, long sleeves (slimming and winter-ready) are in. As are tea-length hemlines (good for showing off statement tights, skirting snowbanks and semi-insulating the wearer). Dresses that double as investment pieces are no longer a pipe dream — soft, casual looks are fairly ubiquitous.

Mix-and-match dresses (which allow #squad members of all shapes, sizes and complexions to tailor a theme to suit their needs) are also on the up and up. When coordinating looks, “keep an inspiration board with runway or product shots of the different styles to make sure that all the dresses work well together and stay away from anything too trendy,” advises Melissa Colgan, former style editor for Martha Stewart Weddings.

Suffice it to say, bridesmaid dress shopping should be fairly low on the modern bride’s list of stressors. And to make matters even easier, we’ve rounded up 25 of our favorite wintry, bridesmaid-worthy looks from the latest pre-fall collections. Drag yourself out of that deep, dark Pinterest hole you’ve been living in, gather the girls and scroll through the slideshow above. You’re sure to find at least one option everyone can live with (or use as a jumping-off point).

And for those of you who are totally preemptively browsing, let it be known that small (to nonexistent) bridal parties are set to be one of 2017’s biggest wedding trends. “Less is more,” holds Brooklyn wedding planner Jove Meyer. Just something to chew on.