Clever Fall Styling Tricks From Zara You Can Try Right Now

The best part of fall, hands down, is getting dressed. (Let’s give it up for layers! Pants and coats rendered in fun new colors! Sweaters and blazers worn stag!) The other best part of fall is updating our wardrobes — seeing September’s runway trends, buying them now. For us, this means a trip to (this isn’t #sponcon, we swear). Sure the Spanish chain’s production methods can be a bit problematic — it’s run afoul of indie artists on more than one occasion — but you can’t deny its unparalleled abilities as a first responder.

Not only does the retailer pack its would-be shelves with chic, affordable, fresh-off-the-runway merchandise, but whoever styles Zara’s models has one heck of an eye. Whenever we peruse the site’s latest arrivals, we’re met with clever, exciting new ways to style the season’s hottest trends. Tricks we can try using Zara-branded items or the designer pieces they’re based on or clothes we already own.

Putting together your fall outfits? From innovative coat-hanging methods to fresh takes on seasoned trends (glamleisure, socks worn with sandals), Zara’s got you covered. Click through the slideshow above for 11 genius fall styling tricks courtesy of everyone’s favorite Inditex-owned fast fashion retailer. (And if you want to shop the looks, you can do that too.)

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